Strong roots in the region – “75 years of JUMO anniversary forest” in the works

Concerted, sustainable action as well as social responsibility to people and the environment have a long tradition at our company. Large areas of forest have been damaged by storms, bark beetle infection, and drought over the last few years in our region so that extensive reforestation is required to help grow a healthy and sustainable forest.


As part of this local employee campaign, 2023 oak trees will be planted at the “Black Cross” in the UNESCO Rhön Biosphere Reserve in November to create the “75 years of JUMO anniversary forest.”


In the first part of this huge planting campaign, 75 wild service trees were planted on the “German Green Belt” (former inner-German border) in March. A sustainable contribution to protecting the environment in our region – supported by JUMO in cooperation with HessenForst, the Forstamt Hofbieber forestry authority, and the UNESCO Rhön Biosphere Reserve.