A popular meeting point for national specialist media

Annual press conferences are a tradition at our company. To celebrate the special occasion of “75 years of JUMO”, we will be presenting a dazzling array of new high-tech products and innovative system solutions to the media representatives gathered for the anniversary press conference.


True to the motto of our anniversary, this event also deals with “People and technology on the move.”


A look back at a successful event

Both the pre-event and the press conference generated a lot of consent, as evidenced by the numerous posts on various social media channels during the press conference.


As early as the evening before the event in the Propstei Johannesberg,live music and delicious food were accompanied by the premiere of the smooth JUMO anniversary beer. For this beer JUMO has developed its own brewing plant, using the latest JUMO sensor and automation technology, in collaboration with the Hunfelt Braeu brewery. This plant was presented at the press conference the next day where it generated a great deal of interest among the more than 30 journalists.


The press conference was held under the motto “JUMO on the path to the future”. In keeping with this motto we showed through many examples how systems and solutions “made by JUMO” are being used to gain market shares in various focus industries.