JUMO on the move – 75 days of movement for health and well-being

Movement is the engine of health as well as a prerequisite for progress and goal achievement. At JUMO, people and technology on the move have been writing success stories for 75 years now. Together, we not only set technology in motion, but also ourselves.


As part of this international employee campaign, we are looking for the most active JUMO sites with the most active employees worldwide. Our common goal is to collect a total of 4,000,000 minutes of movement in 75 days. The assessment basis for this is active minutes of sport or movement per participating JUMO site. In more than 100 freely selectable types of sport or movement, all employees have the opportunity to be active, either alone or in a team, and thus not only support their own site in collecting minutes of movement, but also make a valuable contribution to their own health.


To achieve this goal, each of our more than 2,500 employees is required to be active for at least 150 minutes per week (corresponds to the WHO’s recommendation for weekly activity). The recording of individual movement activity is very simple via app or desktop. The challenge is accompanied by interesting articles on movement, mental fitness and nutrition. The most active JUMO site will be awarded at the employee party in June.


JUMO is on the move and movement pays off!


Exercise is essential: from walking to gardening


Around 19,000 activities by 275 participants were acquired in the moveeffect app up to June 14. Employees were able to choose from over 100 different types of exercise and eagerly took advantage of this offer. As a result, 43 % of all “company athletes” practiced more than 4 different activities. The domestic environment particularly benefited from the sport events. After all, 100,751 minutes of physical activity were spent on housework and gardening alone.


The total balance of 70,502,506 steps, 26,618 bicycle kilometers, and 7.3 million burned calories as a result of the movement challenge is quite impressive. The clear frontrunner among the participating sites was Poland, followed by Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands.


On behalf of the entire subsidiary, the heads of the respective subsidiary were honored with a medal and a certificate at the employee party.