It’s party time – employees celebrate 75 years of JUMO

The big employee party is taking place in the middle of the year at the headquarters in Fulda. All employees in Germany and representatives from the subsidiaries are invited to take part in the celebrations for the company’s 75th birthday.


This party will feature an interactive entertainment program and numerous highlights for your eyes, ears, and taste buds so that it will be a fantastic experience that you never forget. Employees will see the anniversary video and the JUMO House Band’s JUMO song for the first time.



The hottest “family party” of the summer

June 17, 2023 is a day that will certainly be long remembered by the participants of the staff party. This was a mega event with a terrific atmosphere that thrilled even those who have already experienced many other company parties. Congratulations and many thanks to the entire organizing team that made this unforgettable experience possible.


An incredible team spirit could be felt during the event as well as a great appreciation for the employees. Even Sky host Riccardo Basile, who moderated the event, visibly enjoyed himself. “We are an international family that faces new challenges together, supports each other in difficult tasks, and celebrates exuberantly together,” was the summary of the successful evening.



Versatile and intriguing event

This motto is also reflected in the featured anniversary video, the good wishes of the subsidiaries, and the speeches of the general partners as well as managing directors. In addition, the most active sites of the movement challenge were awarded. A networking raffle, a time travel photo box, a Carrera track, and a foosball table were available for the breaks and the time after the official program.



The ultimate surprise

At the end of the official part, the guests discovered that the JUMO story can also be illustrated through lasers. Colorful laser beams provided a brief overview of the company’s history, followed by a breathtaking color choreography that also brought the Caribbean within reach. The theme music from “Pirates of the Caribbean” must have made some of the participants feel the salt and wind of the Caribbean Sea.



Nightclub feeling in the Esperanto Hall

Just like the JUMO house band did during the anniversary gala, it played the anniversary song “JUMO Gets It Done” and numerous other well-known hits, including “99 Red Balloons”. In keeping with the lyrics, balloons floated from the ceiling and provided lots of entertainment for the dancers.


The internationally known Chris Genteman Group as well as DJ Shaggy also heated up the guests with hot rhythms. By the time hits like “Insomnia” and “It’s Raining Men” came around, there was no stopping many colleagues on the dance floor. Around 2:00 a.m. an eventful evening came to an end, but it surely still put a smile on the faces of the participants on Sunday.